Week 98 – counting

In an unexpected turn of events, Reindeer has suddenly begun to count. 

He’s been fascinated by numbers for a while now; loves looking at bar codes and gets very excited by the numbers he sees day-to-day, e.g., at the supermarket or in books. 

One of his first words was the number ‘nine’. He seems to find it in all sorts of places and takes great delight in turning sixes upside down to create extra nines. 

A couple of weeks ago he moved on to the number eight and began noticing/responding to eights with the same enthusiasm as nines. Then, a few days ago, he suddenly counted to five – almost out of nowhere. It was the first indication we had that he could even say four and five. 

In a very short space of time he’s taken to counting up to (and down from) ten repeatedly during the day. Sometimes whilst playing or walking on the stairs, sometimes just whilst sitting and thinking. He seems to love the pattern of the numbers. 

The only number he doesn’t say is seven – I don’t know if this is because he finds it hard to pronounce, he says some two syllable words – or whether he just doesn’t like the way it sounds/feels to say. 

Either way, it’s amazing to watch him coming to grips with counting and applying it in different situations. As he’s gaining confidence with numbers, I’ve noticed him start to show the same early interest signs in letters, too. It seems this particular development leap is the most fascinating yet!