Week 92 – cakes!

The weather has been pretty miserable here this week, so today we took the opportunity to try something new: making crispie cakes. 

Reindeer and I have never cooked together before but he’s fascinated by cooking and will always ask ‘up!’ while I’m preparing food so he can see what I’m making and check the ingredients. 

Because I doubted his ability to get through a recipe without trying to eat the ingredients I chose a basic crispie cake recipe, which we personalised with some extras that we love. 

Reindeer was fascinated throughout, carefully examining the ingredient packets and checking the numbers on the scale as we weighed each item out. While I melted the chocolate and butter he was busy putting silicone cake cases in the tray and helping himself to spare sultanas! 

For months he’s been raiding the utensil drawer and taking his finds to his toy kitchen to play with so, when the time came to put all the ingredients together and mix, he had a lot of fun and, to my surprise, made minimal mess. 

As soon as mixing was complete he was very quick to get the spoon in his mouth for tasting, so I retrieved the mix and filled the cases. We shared the little left at the end. 

It was really fun and I was impressed that he stayed interested (and stood safely on the chair) throughout. I’m thinking it’s time to invest in a no-bake cookbook for future rainy days! 


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