Week 92 – cakes!

The weather has been pretty miserable here this week, so today we took the opportunity to try something new: making crispie cakes. 

Reindeer and I have never cooked together before but he’s fascinated by cooking and will always ask ‘up!’ while I’m preparing food so he can see what I’m making and check the ingredients. 

Because I doubted his ability to get through a recipe without trying to eat the ingredients I chose a basic crispie cake recipe, which we personalised with some extras that we love. 

Reindeer was fascinated throughout, carefully examining the ingredient packets and checking the numbers on the scale as we weighed each item out. While I melted the chocolate and butter he was busy putting silicone cake cases in the tray and helping himself to spare sultanas! 

For months he’s been raiding the utensil drawer and taking his finds to his toy kitchen to play with so, when the time came to put all the ingredients together and mix, he had a lot of fun and, to my surprise, made minimal mess. 

As soon as mixing was complete he was very quick to get the spoon in his mouth for tasting, so I retrieved the mix and filled the cases. We shared the little left at the end. 

It was really fun and I was impressed that he stayed interested (and stood safely on the chair) throughout. I’m thinking it’s time to invest in a no-bake cookbook for future rainy days! 


Week 92 – favourites

It’s been a while since I’ve thought about this, but Reindeer’s favourite things list is changing again. I want to keep track of things like this (since Reindeer arrived my sentimental side has asserted itself) and so the list is as follows:

  1. Vehicles: preferably of the wheeled variety, although he enjoys watching for and flying aeroplanes, complete with ssshhhhing noises
  2. Numbers: hours of fascination here, he loves all numbers and spots them everywhere. Supermarkets are great fun with aisle numbers, prices, barcodes, quantities, etc. We’ve recently found the Numberblocks series which is only adding to his enjoyment
  3. Butterflies: he loves to spot butterflies in books. Oliver’s Wood has a whole page of them and we can spend a long time describing each one
  4. Hey Duggee: the other show he watches. We have a couple of the magazines too and it’s something that makes him laugh as well as absorbing his attention. The first time they counted to ten, he cheered them
  5. Bathtime: he’s recently discovered lying on his back in the bath and will happily spend up to an hour playing in there at night before playing peek-a-boo with the aid of his hooded towel. His laughter and sheer enjoyment of this simple game is infectious

There are lots of other things he does that we love to watch and are our favourites. They include:

  1. The banana song: Reindeer loves bananas and basically sings ‘na na na na na na’ to himself if he sees one or is very keen to eat one
  2. His curiosity: he is endlessly fascinated by his surroundings and will happily people watch for ages​ at a time
  3. His determination: Reindeer isn’t one to give up. If he sees something new, or finds something fascinating, he’ll keep trying it or will fiddle with it until he’s sure he knows what it does. This has included 20+ trips around the same apparatus to use a slide, dismantling toys and brushing his hair with the pastry brush he filched from the utensil drawer I hadn’t realised he could reach
  4. Cuddles: although very independent, he’s recently become far more of a snuggle child. It’s so lovely to be shown this affection! 
  5. Breastfeeding: we’re still breastfeeding, although only twice a day now and not at bedtime. I was worried about dropping the bedtime feed, but he’s suddenly found that he can self-settle without milk. I’m slightly taken aback by this as I was expecting to need to look into sleep training eventually, but he seems to have hit his stride and about half the nights in the last fortnight he’s gotten himself to sleep without my company. On the one hand I’m really pleased since he’s done this himself I feel he must be ready. On the other hand I miss cuddling him to sleep. There’s definitely a lesson here somewhere about never winning at parenting!

Reindeer is changing so fast that, some days, I don’t feel like I’m keeping up. In the last two days he’s started using a spoon properly and feeding himself yogurt, etc. It’s definitely an adventure though and one I’m really enjoying!