Week 86 – unexpected skills

So, this week Reindeer has been demonstrating some of his new skills – not all of which have been met with joy (by me at least)!

Unlocking the back door: he climbed on the vacuum cleaner, turned the key and opened the door using the handle. I was impressed because of the action sequence, unimpressed because had he succeeded in opening the door fully he’d have landed face first on the patio. 

Opening tins of food: Reindeer had always been fascinated by the contents of the larder cupboard, so we’ve let him explore and play with some of the small tins. This week I was washing up whilst he played next to me with one of the tins. I suddenly realised I could smell something. Looking down I could see that he’d figured out the ring pull and opened the can a quarter – enough for its teriyaki sauced contents to be all over him. Unperturbed, he was happily finger painting them all over the floor too. I’m impressed that he opened the can as I have trouble with them, I was unimpressed with the mess!

Flushing the toilet: Reindeer loves water play and, unfortunately, will put his hand in the toilet bowl if he can get to one. Consequently, we’ve put a lock on the bathroom toilet lid and kept the en suite and downstairs toilet doors closed. He’s recently learned to open doors so the downstairs loo had a lock rapidly added to the seat this week. Thinking all was now safe, I wasn’t as concerned as normal when he opened the door to the hall. Until I heard flushing sounds. Investigation showed he’d climbed onto the seat when he couldn’t open it and was playing with the flush handle. Impressed at his ability to find new challenges, unimpressed with the potential water wastage. 

Opening the baby gate: for obvious reasons we have a baby gate at the top of the stairs. When i got dressed a few days ago I heard Reindeer by the gate. This isn’t unusual as he likes to look downstairs. What was unusual was hearing the sound of the gate being opened. I shot onto the landing to find he’d opened the gate, walked down two steps and close the gate behind himself. He saw me and gave himself a round of applause. I was impressed he’d manipulated what I’d assumed to be a baby proof gate and unimpressed at all the ramifications of this. Thankfully he’s left it alone since.

There are various other scrapes he’s gotten into this week, but these are the ones which have caused me the most anxiety! It’s so strange to be impressed and exasperated at the same time. 


Week 86 – purple

Reindeer still loves reading and, as he’s getting older, the range of books is increasing. The artwork in the new books is also becoming of interest. 

In particular he’s fascinated by The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and I’m The Best by Lucy Cousins. In each book there is a title page containing lots of colour spots. 

A couple of weeks ago, each time he chose The Very Hungry Caterpillar, he would begin on the title page and point to each purple colour spot on the page, asking me to say ‘purple’ at the same time. There are lots of colour spots on the page – lots of different colours – so I was quite intrigued and impressed when he always chose the same colour. 

Around the same time he began going to the colour spot page in I’m The Best. There are fewer spots and fewer colours, but he will always choose the yellow spots first for naming, then brown, blue and green. 

It’s fascinating to see him pick something specific from all of the visual information presented. If I can’t see the colour he’s pointing at clearly, and then name it incorrectly, he’ll keep prompting me until I name the colour correctly. From this and his ability to choose the correct toy based on make and colour, I’d guess he knows about 10-12 colours now. 

I don’t know why, but this surprises me. Most likely this is because I have no idea which order and how quickly children develop. It’s great fun to watch though and I’m curious to see what takes his interest next.