Week 85 – more!

Over the last few months, Reindeer has been developing his vocabulary. He now has a small number of completely recognisable words and a larger number of consistent words where the pronunciation is yet to resolve. 

Completely recognisable words include: yes, no, Mama, Dada, ball, up, more, bear, there, moon, pear, door, wow, row.

Resolving words include: oh dear, down, please, Oma, meow (for cat).

Reindeer is currently teething his 17th tooth. As it’s a molar it is a slow and painful process. Most nights he manages to sleep through, but sometimes he wakes up and needs some comfort. 

Two nights ago he woke up very upset. As we’re still breastfeeding it was clear that he wanted a comfort feed. Not a problem. 

Towards the end of the feed he started to fall asleep. Once I thought he was finished I tucked myself back in and kept cuddling him for a few minutes. Just as I was about to get up and put him back into bed he stirred slightly and his cute little baby voice said ‘More! More!’ before he fell asleep again. 

It was never an expectation or intention that we’d breastfeed for this long, but I’m glad we have – moments like this one are priceless. 


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