Week 71 & 72 – into bed

Ten days before Christmas I’d left Reindeer in his cot for 5 minutes whilst I got dressed. This was pretty standard because it was a safe place and he enjoyed playing with his toys in there. 

As I walked back into his room he landed, head first, on the floor in front of me. He was physically fine but had given us both a bit of a shock. A short investigation showed that he’d piled up his toys by the cot rail and used them as a small step to climb out. 

And that was the last time Reindeer was in a cot. 

We hadn’t expected to move Reindeer into a bed for months, if not longer, so the only alternative we had available was an inflatable child’s bed which my sister had given us. We decided to use this while researching toddler beds. 

Reindeer found it difficult to adjust. Not least because he had a habit of moving all around the cot in the night. 

Since it was close to Christmas, and we wanted to provide him with a better solution quickly, we chose a simple bed and matress which could be delivered before everything closed for the holiday. We were shocked at the prices of beds – you could literally pay four figures for a child’s bed that would last less than 3 years. 

The bed arrived 2 days before Christmas and Reindeer loved it, especially being able to climb in and out by himself! He immediately became quite territorial about it and wouldn’t allow his older cousins to sit on the bed with him. Within a couple of weeks he was sleeping very well in his new bed and now sleeps through almost every night. If we’d realised what a difference it would make we’d have made the change much sooner! 

One unexpected benefit has been that his room now feels much more homely – he seems much more content in there. My guess is that’s because it’s a small room and the cot dominated it, whereas now it feels that there’s more space to spread out and play – even though the bed technically takes up more floor space. 

The thing I can’t get my head around is how quickly my little Reindeer is growing up. He’s always surprising us with new skills and abilities – this second year is turning out to be quite the adventure! 

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