Week 68 – teething woes 

This week, Reindeer is attempting to cut four teeth – two canines and two molars.

Although he doesn’t appear to be in pain, this particular bout of teething has resulted in 24 hours (and counting) of diarrhoea. 

I’m not really sure what to do to help him feel better. He’s drinking plenty of fluids (including lots of extra breastfeeds) and eating when he feels like it. We’re having lots of cuddles and I’m trying to keep his mind off it but, good grief, it’s awful. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Iron control of the stomach is needed when changing his nappies – as my husband says, the nappies don’t stand a chance. I’m currently running the third hot wash today as nappy contents are usually spread between his ribs and his toes. 

There just aren’t words to describe the hideousness of waking at 3am thinking your baby wants a milk feed, only to be alerted by the most disgusting smell that they’re actually quite poorly. Pyjamas,  vest and grobag all into the wash. Thankfully, being colder, he was in a thick grobag so we all least didn’t have to change the sheets too.

I’m not trying to make you feel bad, I just need to say that teething is tough in our house just now. When distracted, Reindeer is as lovely as always so I know, rationally, we’ll get through this but guess that it’ll be a slog until then.


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