Week 67 – first shoes

Today we had a trip to Norwich to meet Oma and Opa for lunch and shopping. Despite the rotten weather we had a lovely day.

The highlight for Reindeer was his first ever shoe fitting. He absolutely loves shoes and will happily play with/hide them whenever an opportunity presents itself. A shop full of shoes for him to try on and mirrors to play with was quite an amazing surprise for him!

Like many thousands of parents before us we followed the well-worn path to Clarks shoes (big shoe shop chain in the UK – known particularly for children’s shoes). My own first shoes were from Clarks – tiny blue leather ones – so it was nice to take Reindeer there too.

He surprised me by sitting happily to have his feet measured and, as it was so quiet, had a grand time walking around in the shoes we’d chosen for him to try. It turns out he’s size 4.5 F. I have no idea how that stacks up but it looks tiny.

He eventually settled on a brown leather pair which Oma and Opa wanted to buy as his Christmas gift. He was very happy running around in them and was allowed to wear them home from the shop. 

The assistant advised that the need their measurements taken every eight weeks until they’re seven years old(!) so we’ll head back during the sales. We’ve decided that, given the expense, one pair will do quite nicely until he moves up a size.

Apart from the shoe shopping, the other notable part of the day was lunch.Opa was diagnosed with Coeliac disease this year and now requires a gluten free diet. There is a small cafe in Norwich – The Norfolk Gluten Free Company, Shop & Cafe – which Dad really likes but we’d never visited. We went for lunch and it was great – lots of choice for adults and toddler, as well as a tiny play area to keep him entertained.

All in all it was a great day!


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