Week 66 – sleep

It’s 0500 here and I’ve been awake for the last 40-50 minutes as Reindeer is unsettled. He’s rolling about in bed a bit and occasionally making sounds, although nothing that requires my presence so far.

It’s the ‘so far’ that’s causing the problem. Knowing he isn’t in a settled sleep, I can’t now allow myself to go back to sleep for fear that he’ll need me. Given that I was up until 0130 painting the dining room this is far from ideal.

I’m laying here musing on the following: 

  • I need sleep
  • Reindeer might need me
  • If I fall asleep and have to wake up 10 minutes later I’ll be groggy 
  • He sleeps through the night much more frequently now which makes times like this harder
  • Why does it make times like this harder 
  • I used to get up at 0530 for work so why do I feel so rotten now?
  • Should I get up and do another coat of painting since I’m awake anyway?

I don’t think I valued sleep enough before Reindeer arrived!


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