Week 65 – walking

Since he took his first independent steps two months ago, Reindeer’s walking has really come on. 

We haven’t had him measured for shoes yet, instead using socks, Mocc Ons and Stonz while he’s been learning.

Recently we’ve been given starter shoes used by his older cousins. Whilst his walking was great indoors he wasn’t as steady outdoors – the pre-shoes were beginning to hold him back – so we tried him with a pair of starter shoes. 

The difference was amazing and he was happy to go off exploring confidently in the shoes. He’s really picked up his pace too – almost running. The problem now is getting him to come back indoors. So keen is he on his shoes that he’ll try to put them on himself – his efforts are pretty good! He’ll also play with other people’s shoes – including hiding them. This can be funny or frustrating depending on how long it takes to find a matched pair again!

This week we’re going to take him for his first proper show fitting – he’ll need shoes that fit well now he’s truly on the move. The next trick will be getting him to hold my hand whilst we’re out and about.

One thought on “Week 65 – walking

  1. Hard sole shoes make a big difference. My son is approaching the running stage and is no longer interested in holding my hand. I have to remind him that mommy holds his hand if she wants to 😊! Good luck with the new shoes!

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