Week 61 – speech

We’ve had our first sound that makes sense in answer to a question and isn’t repeated syllables!

Last weekend my parents came to visit and, in the course of an evening story, a dog was featured. Naturally, my mum did the ‘woof! woof!’ sound required each time a dog is pictured. The difference was that Reindeer copied her – including the ‘f’ sound at the end.

Determined to prove it wasn’t a fluke, the next day I asked him (in front of my husband) what sound a dog makes. And Reindeer said ‘woof! woof!’. Since I hadn’t warned my husband that Reindeer was attempting this, he was really surprised and confirmed that it wasn’t just my wishful thinking.

Other words he’s attempting are ‘too smooth’, ‘water’, ‘bumpy’ and ‘rice cake’. We have a way to go with these but he will consistently attempt them after you say them.

He’s quite chatty at times and clearly gets frustrated if I don’t understand the words straightaway.  I need to work on my listening too.

Today we picked up a book with some basic Makaton signing in it and I’m hoping this will help us understand each other until the words resolve themselves. 


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