Week 60 – let the craft begin

Partly because it is time, and partly to distract Reindeer from his rotten cold, I’ve started using art materials with him this week.

On Monday I introduced crayons. I found some Crayolas specifically for 12+ month olds as I just knew he’d try to eat them (£1.50), and a 10m roll of lining paper that I’m hoping will last for some time (£2). 

I used his table attachable high chair so he’d have the most comfortable position and waited to see what he’d do. Despite trying to eat the crayons (as predicted) he also made a fair attempt at marking the paper. He seemed to prefer dots to stripes but was pretty happy with himself. He also wanted to wield as many crayons as possible at once. 

His interest lasted about 20 minutes, which is good for a sit down activity, so I’ll be trying this most days as the weather turns and we can’t get out as much.

Buoyed by success with crayons I decided that on Tuesday we’d try painting. Again I’d located paint suitable for 12+ month olds and some chunky paintbrushes.

I covered the seat in an old towel, stripped Reindeer down to his vest (just in case) and set out the paints on a paper plate. 

He was actually quite cautious of the paint – possibly the texture was unexpected – but was happy to try fingerpainting for a couple of minutes. I was surprised he didn’t want to eat the paint. He was happier when I have him the paintbrush and spent more time trying that method of moving paint.

Eventually be tired to eat the paintbrush so it seemed a good time to end the activity! 

Overall it wasn’t anywhere near as messy as I’d feared, but he was definitely more cautious with this than the crayons. I may leave it a couple of weeks before trying again.

Next up we’ll be collecting some treasures to stick onto paper…


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