Week 59 – the beach

So behind am I with this blog that I need to catch up on last week! 

Monday was a first that I’ve been waiting for since I found out we were expecting – taking Reindeer to the beach. Given that my parents live a 10 minute walk from the beach, this should have happened a lot sooner. But life has a habit of not working out the way you plan.

Anyway, it was a clear and mild morning so we took the opportunity while it was there. Reindeer loved it! 

We occasionally shared the beach with some dog walkers, but were mostly able to have the place to ourselves. There was a boat just off the shore waiting for a pilot into the harbour, the tide was in with some good sized waves and the beach was covered in pebbles – Reindeer’s idea of awesome.

Lots of time was spent playing with stones and looking at the sea, before finally having toes dipped in. Having tested the water I think he’d have gone straight in if he’d had his swimsuit on (normally a good idea but not when you’re recovering from a fever).

I’m really looking forward to our next visit when he’ll have a little more familiarity and hopefully be much steadier on his feet and less prone to attempting to eat all the pebbles!


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