Week 59 – Sutton Hoo

On Tuesday last week, whilst visiting Oma and Opa, we took a trip to Sutton Hoo, an Anglo-Saxon burial site in Suffolk. It’s a nice big site with plenty of space to play and explore. 

We arrived at lunchtime so spent time in the cafe before exploring. Just a note to say the kids food went down a treat and the dessert-loving Coeliac in our party was very happy to have something other than gluten-free brownie on offer!

The first half of the afternoon was spent walking out to the burial mounds. Impressive and, more importantly from Reindeer’s perspective, in an area where you walk past sheep, rams, pigs and cows as well as trees dropping conkers and acorns.

The second half was spent in the exhibition hall. Reindeer impressed me by staring avidly at the information film (not having a TV at home he tends to be entranced when he sees them working elsewhere). I took him out of the sling and let him explore the exhibition hall on foot with the reins. A first for us both. He loved looking at all the exhibits, exploring the mock up of the burial chamber and looking at the shiny finds. He also enjoyed trying to climb onto the exhibits which was a bit more concerning. 

Finally, having worn himself out, he decided to lie on the floor next to the glass covered skeleton:

He seemed to be enjoying himself anyway! He also got a fair but of nice attention from other visitors and staff which made him both shy and smiley. It’s so much fun watching his personality emerge in these interactions.

It was a lovely day out and hopefully we’ll get to go back again sometime.


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