Week 59 – still breastfeeding 

I can’t quite believe it, but Reindeer is continuing to breastfeed. This is so very different from my expectations when I was pregnant!

It’s really strange to look back at how awkward and painful it was initially compared to how easy and normal it is now.

He seems to still need this type of feeding and always requests it, more so when he’s poorly like this weekend.

I had to laugh a couple of weeks ago when he started pulling off the feed, pointing at my nipple and saying ‘there!’ in his lovely baby voice. He looked so proud of himself for working out where the milk comes from 🙂

He also adjusts my breast now so that it’s comfortable for him, which is a bit random. 

I don’t think he’ll be breastfeeding much longer though as he’s reducing the number of feeds (usually 3-4 a day) and dropped his middle of the night feed. I’m ok with this – I want him to stop when he’s ready rather than when I am.

The only thing we need to do now is convince Reindeer to drink milk from a cup as he doesn’t like this at the moment. But I guess it wouldn’t be parenting if there wasn’t something to do!


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