Week 59 – poorly Reindeer

For the last couple of days Reindeer has had a bad cold and high temperature. The result being that he’s had two terrible nights.

As these things never happen when you expect, his symptoms began on Friday evening, approximately 4 hours after a call saying there was a cancellation so would we like the engineer to replace the boiler tomorrow instead of next week? Naturally, we’d said ‘yes, please!’. 

From 10pm onwards, if Reindeer slept at all, it was for less than 45 minutes at a time and ended with inconsolable sobbing. His temperature was up and the Calpol wasn’t as effective as I’d hoped. The main problem was the phlegm making breathing difficult for him.

He wanted comfort but he also only wanted to cuddle in his own time and way. All we could do we sing, hold him gently and make sure there was a safe, comfy space in the middle of our bed when he was so tired he fell asleep crying.

It was a very long night, at the end of which we greeted the workmen with very bleary eyes at 7.30am. Since Reindeer was poorly, the work was noisy and there was stuff everywhere, Reindeer and I made a swift exit to my parents place 120 miles away. I’m impressed I managed to pack as quickly as I did! Reindeer’s Dad got the tough job and stayed home to deal with the noise and the mess.

Once we reached my parents, Reindeer perked up and ended up eating well at dinner (I allowed him ice cream as his throat sounded sore – he loved the cone!). 

As seems to be the way with illness, things went downhill again as night came on. I gave Calpol again before bed and between 9pm and midnight it seemed that we were gearing up for another bad night. How a baby who’d only managed about 6 hours sleep in the last 40 hours was still awake I don’t know! Eventually he settled, waking at 3am for 45 minutes of sadness before falling asleep to my (rather desperate) singing.

He finally woke just before 10am, still full of cold and this time with a surprisingly deep voice! He ate better at breakfast and had a lovely time visiting church, but was sad on the way home.

He had a breastfeed and wanted a long cuddle back to sleep. That was three and a half hours ago. I keep checking and he’s still sound asleep. When he wakes we’ll eat a light lunch and play then have dinner later. 

I figure sleep is the best thing for him at the moment so as he’s napping well now I’m going to leave him be. We’ll deal with the rest of the day as it comes.


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