Week 58 – repeated reading 

Reindeer’s love of reading has really developed this week. He will frequently bring books to me for reading and, when each one is finished, will hold it up to me for another reading.

He can go through the same book six or seven times in one sitting. He’ll also sit and go through books on his own when he’s tired of wandering about and playing with cars.

I’ve bought a couple of new books for us to try too. I want to use the library, but as he still licks and chews the books sometimes, I don’t feel it’s really fair to do this yet!

As a huge bookworm I can’t express how excited I am that Reindeer loves books as well as running and playing. I’m also really pleased, and keen to nurture this liking, because of the research around boys lagging behind girls academically and also because he’ll be one of the youngest in his school year. Being literate and enjoying it will be a realreally good step in mitigating these disadvantages.


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