Week 57 – anticipation

I’ve noticed this week that Reindeer’s sense of anticipation is really increasing. 

Initially I’d see this during games, e.g., making a noise or pulling a face that made him laugh would result on him waiting for you to do it again. Now, he has found a way to ask for a repeat.

He loves the book Happy Dog Sad Dog. It’s a simple opposites book so I’ve added my own actions and sound effects. He loves the page for hairy dog because I make a silly noise and tickle him. This week he’s begun bringing the book to me, standing/sitting ready to read and, as we get towards the page he likes, he keeps looking at me and smiling.

When I turn to the Hairy Dog Bald Dog page he begins laughing even before I tickle him.

He’s also started to raise his hands of he thinks I’m going to hand him something and will begin his reactions ahead of the event in some cases. 

He also knows when I’ve said ‘no’ because he’ll begin doing the same thing again but watch me and be very hesitant with the behaviour, waiting for me to say ‘no’ again.  It’s a lot of fun to watch!


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