Week 58 – my nemesis

Reindeer woke unusually early today – at 6am. He seems to have a cold and is very unsettled. In an effort to cheer him up we came downstairs to play and read and I thought I’d put a DVD on as a treat.

A DVD is a big thing in our house as we don’t have a TV, so Reindeer has seen almost nothing on a screen, unless we’re visiting relatives. There’s no real ideology behind not having TV, we just never had time to watch it and so it only gathered dust. We got rid about five years ago and haven’t noticed the absence.

Anyway, I digress. I turned around from trying to sort out our entertainment and had that moment when you’re looking around and you know something isn’t right, but you just can’t place it.

Gradually, with a dawning sense of horror, my brain reluctantly noted that we had acquired an ugly, eight-legged creature that didn’t look plush and appeared to be hiding in the other toys. My brain then ran off to hide leaving me with some primaeval fear and a desire to run away.

A spider. Great. My all-time nemesis of things I can’t cope with.

Best of all? It’s about 4 feet from Reindeer.

Cue panic… What if Reindeer tries to play with it? Or, worse still, eat it?!

Our long-legged interloper and Reindeer both appeared happy to remain still, so I ran for a pint glass and some cardboard. Hurrah for baby board books!

I came back with the glass and spidey realised the game was up. He broke from his cover by the plastic garage and went top speed for the ample cover afforded by the toy box. Deciding I needed to be brave for Reindeer I rushed to intercept it, in complete opposition to my desire to pretend I’d never seen it.

Safely under the glass, I inserted the Baby’s Day book whilst fending off a fascinated Reindeer with my other arm. I could sense him thinking Mama, this looks fun! 

My nemesis was promptly evicted to the garden and I’m now feeling equal measures of residual creeps and super brave for not showing fear in front of Reindeer and just getting in with it. Go me!


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