Week 58 – molars

Sunday night was really difficult for Reindeer. He woke at around midnight in some distress and difficult to console.

Most of the next three hours were spent in our room being cuddled, sung to, Calpol’d and read ‘That’s not my puppy’ approximately 4,326 times (at Reindeer’s request – this wasn’t a twisted attempt to make him feel better by demonstrating there are worse things than teething pain!).

By 3am he was back in his cot and I was back in my bed, relatively confident that he was properly asleep again now.

Although I suspected teething, the other big clue being refusing to let me brush his teeth, it wasn’t until Wednesday morning that I saw the proof. He opened his mouth wide to cry at the GP and I saw two enormous molars in some very tender gums! 

Having seen these molars I not only understand why he cried, but am astonished he went back to sleep that night. 

To celebrate molar arrival I allowed him to try grapes and pain au chocolat today, both of which he loved. Hopefully he won’t be too bothered by them for long as they must be very sore.


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