Week 58 – lots of walking

It’s just over a fortnight since Reindeer took his first steps and I can’t believe how well his walking has progressed in that time!

Last weekend he showed his determination by pulling himself up on the washing machine and walking towards where I was sat in the dining room (about 10 feet away). Most times he’d only make it halfway before falling down. Rather than give up though, he’d just crawl back to the machine and start again. He did this for about 20 minutes, laughing delightedly every time he managed more than six steps.

In the week since then he’s continued with this and now walks more than half the time. He still thinks it is amazing and so I often hear little feet moving around and a lot of giggling. His range has really improved and he’s now able to turn in a circle and step around or over items (mostly). I’m so proud of his determination and motivation – he just keeps going until he gets it right and without any prompting from us.

My only worry is that he do want like holding hands whilst walking, preferring to travel solo.To help with this I’ve invested in some LittleLife reins with the giraffe backpack as I think we’ll be off pretty soon. 

The other thing I’ve bought is a pair of Mocc Ons to protect his feet while we’re walking outside. I don’t want to get shoes for him while he’s still finding his balance so these seemed a good compromise. I’ll let you know how we get on…


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