Week 56 – passport photo

Now that he’s a year old we’ve decided it’s time to apply for Reindeer’s first passport. Although we have no trips planned, we need to visit family in Hong Kong this year and we’d like to travel in Europe again at some point.

Having successfully (I hope) completed the forms correctly, the next step is the passport photo. Since there was a zero percent chance of me holding Reindeer still, meeting all the photo criteria and working the machine at the same time as staying out of the shot, we decided to use a high street photography shop instead. I’m so glad we did! The lady taking the photographs was lovely and, more importantly, very patient, since they needed to be repeated twice. The first two attempts were made with me holding Reindeer on a stool. The final effort was Reindeer lying on a white blanket.

The photo is actually really lovely (too nice for a passport!) but they gave us a copy on memory stick so that’s all good (the whole thing cost £9.99 at Max Spielman, which turned out to be good value). 

I’ve probably mentioned Reindeer’s fluffy hair (often) and I need to confess that I brushed it this morning in an effort to make it really fluffy. This isn’t something I’ve done before, but I think it was because I wanted (1) a great photo and (2) a professional picture of his fluffiness as I’m sure it won’t be like this much longer. 

As nobody likes their own passport photo, I don’t suppose he’ll thank me for this when he’s older, but I think he looks adorable!


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