Week 55 – the dentist…

This Monday contained another first for Reindeer – his first visit to the dentist. 

Whilst he remained blissfully unaware of the impending appointment I became increasingly worried. This is because I’m absolutely determined that he won’t have dental problems but concerned because it’s a fight to let me brush his teeth. He’s quite happy to use the toothbrush himself, however.

True to form, Reindeer was deeply unimpressed with the dentist (What do you mean he wants to look in my mouth? I don’t even know this person!). 

Luckily, the dentist was more impressed with Reindeer. His current crop of teeth are growing normally and all looks fine. The dentist was very reassuring that, as long as Reindeer gets toothpaste on his teeth twice a day, his teeth will be fine. Once he’s a little older he’ll figure out brushing properly as it’s a bit tricky for little ones. The dentist was pleased that he’s using the toothbrush twice a day and that he’s keen to do this.

I’m feeling much better about the whole thing and don’t feel quite so worried when Reindeer make brushing his teeth almost impossible. My priority now is to ensure he continues to use the toothbrush and that he doesn’t get put off by me being overzealous on the brushing front.


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