Week 55 – baby steps!

I’m so excited! Today, Reindeer took his first two solo baby steps 🙂

They were sidewaysish, but they were deliberate! He’d been standing, unaided and nowhere near me, for about half a minute, examining one of his toys, when he decided to go to the sideboard. Rather than just dropping to a crawl, he set off on his feet instead. If the toy zebra hadn’t been in the way I’m convinced he would have kept going!

I wasn’t expecting him to try walking but I’m really excited that he did. He didn’t try again today, but now we both know he can, I suspect he’ll try again in the next couple of weeks. I’m keeping the camera at the ready…


7 thoughts on “Week 55 – baby steps!

      1. Yep! I started maternity leave wondering how I’d cope for 9-months before going back to work full time. I ended up taking a whole year of maternity leave and I’m now taking a one-year career break but it still doesn’t feel like enough time to spend with him 🙂 Every day is awesome, even the annoying bits!


      2. We are in the same boat!
        Thats exactly what I have done.. though I have just applied to extend my career break for another year!
        They are precious and you deserve to be a part of your little ones every first =]

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