Week 53 – paddling pool

Yesterday was a sunny and hot day – rather unusual for British summertime – so an impromptu family gathering occurred at our house.

As well as my parents, who’d been with us most of the week, my sister and her family arrived too. With them they bought Reindeer’s birthday gift – a paddling pool! Given how much Reindeer loves swimming, I was expecting this to be popular.

After some initial distrust due to the water being colder than he’s used to, and to sharing the pool with his biggest, noisiest and splashiest cousins, he soon got used to the idea and was really happy sieving the water and watching the different patterns made by the sunlight on the water.

I’ve noticed that, since moving into the normal bath, he now treats it like any other play area, it just so happens that in this one he is in a few inches of water. He crawls about playing with his toys in exactly the same way he does everywhere else. The same is true of the paddling pool. He really isn’t fazed by many things now.


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