Week 53 – action sequence

A couple of months ago I noticed that if Reindeer wanted to snatch my spectacles off my face, he would make an initial dive with his left hand, wait for me to intercept and then lunge in (successfully) with his right. 

He always looks very pleased with himself once he has possession of my glasses, and isn’t always that fussed about keeping them, suggesting that it’s the snatch rather than the specs that matters. 

The whole thing has started me wondering: how far ahead does Reindeer think and plan? It hadn’t crossed my mind that he’d be thinking and planning at 12-months old but, now I’m looking, I can see signs of this in his everyday play.

A couple of days ago he was playing in the lounge when he moved his walker over to the armchair. Nothing particularly unusual here until he stood on his walker, using it as a step to climb onto the armchair. Once in the armchair he stood on the arm and was able to reach the top of the dresser and claim his prize – a tin he’d been eyeing up for a few days.

I was pretty impressed by all this as (to me) it showed rather a lot of thinking and planning. It also worries me because, even though he isn’t walking unaided yet, I now need to be worried about things which I thought were too high to reach!

Since climbing to the tin I’ve watched him climb onto his toy garage as a step to the chair I was sitting on, attempt to climb onto a box which was waist high for him and try to climb onto the blanket box. He’s certainly determined and doesn’t let a little thing like height put him off.

My parents think this is really amusing since I was, according to them, also a climbing baby. Before I was two I’m told that I’d gone into the garden and climbed a trellis archway until I was almost upside down near the top. That was the point at which my escapade was spotted and my Dad rescued me. The trellis arch was removed shortly afterwards. I suspect they’re enjoying watching me deal with a mini-me. If things carry on like this the next few months are likely to provide them with ample entertainment…


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