Week 53 – walker 

Although he began cruising the furniture at around 7-months, Reindeer hasn’t shown any real desire to walk solo, preferring to crawl instead. He’s pretty fast, which makes it easy to see why there’s no real urgency.

Over the last month there have been a handful of occasions where he’s appeared to want to start walking, but then stops himself and resumes crawling. He’s also developed the crab crawl, a sort-of scuttle with one leg out to the side as though he’s about to get up.

For his birthday Reindeer was given a Henry Hoover walker. He loves pushing it around whilst crawling, and often uses it as a prop to stand with, but hadn’t really used it as intended. 

This evening, he suddenly started using it as a walker. He went several steps whilst holding on to the handle before stopping and crawling over to me. He looked really excited, happy and slightly concerned after he walked it the first time, and I suspect he was coming to me for a little reassurance. He was happy enough to try again though, so I’m hoping he’ll continue with it tomorrow.

His Dad and I were both very excited at this little piece of progress, although I’m now thinking of the next stage of baby-proofing and wondering what on earth we need to do next! He’s such a happy little chap that I’m looking forward to the moment when he realises he has the ability to go everywhere on his own two feet. I suspect he’ll be delighted ☺


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