Week 53 – repeated reading 

This evening, Reindeer came to me with a book to read together. It’s over we’ve read quite often but isn’t ‘interactive’ in the sense of texture patches or flaps. I think the appeal is that it’s colourful, has board pages and each page contains a picture of a baby.

Unusually, he became frustrated when we finished the book and, for the first time, he kept going back to the beginning for me to read it again. I think this happened five or six times, with various stops for me to read certain pages twice.

If I was in any doubt that he wasn’t really involved in reading together, that he wasn’t taking things in, or that all the books looked largely the same to him, that has now been dispelled. The book is Baby’s Day (I think the local Health Visitors give a copy to each family) and his favourite pages are about play and bathtime.

I’m curious now to see if he’ll show this level of interest in other books.

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