Week 53 – brushing teeth

I wrote a few weeks ago that we’d yet to find a way of brushing Reindeer’s teeth that didn’t result in an unhappy baby.

We’re still working on a solution – there are good days and bad days – but today was unusually awesome so I thought I’d share. Because this evening, Reindeer decided to brush my teeth!

Demonstrating that he was indeed paying attention to all our efforts to convince him to let us brush his teeth, he took his toothbrush and had a go at mine for me. He did this several times. I ended up with my face covered in toothpaste, and with my teeth only marginally cleaner, but he looked so pleased with himself that I could only feel impressed.

He wasn’t any happier when it was my turn to brush his teeth but, even if this isn’t progress, it was still fun!

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