Week 52 – Happy Birthday Reindeer!

Our beautiful, enchanting, funny, cheeky, happy, inquisitive and loving little boy has turned one! 

For an event that was entirely predictable in it’s timing, today has been quite the emotional rollercoaster. When I’d considered his birthday over the last few months, it was a slightly hazy image of us at a wildlife park, being one of the cheesy-but-ecstatically-happy families you get in stock photography. Instead, we’ve been very happy for parts of the day, but not to a wildlife park. We’ve also managed to avoid being cheesy, which was a relief!

After a hugely busy three days, it was a chance to relax and enjoy being with Reindeer. We were at my parents home and, since the weather was amazing, we started the day with breakfast in the garden. For Reindeer this was a pile of strawberries with some teacake and the obligatory banana. Having exhausted himself with this hectic schedule, he almost immediately settled down for a four-hour nap!

In the now early afternoon he started again with lunch outdoors, this time a selection of salad, BBQ and some fruit with a little ice cream. Confident he was now full of energy, we decided it was time for gifts. He was, predictably, uninterested in the wrapped gifts, preferring his existing truck. Once he realised that the paper we kept showing him contained a car transporter and four cars, his attention suddenly focussed! He loved this gift (from us – parenting win!) and was really happy playing with that whilst we got on with opening everything else on the basis that it would take weeks if we left it to him.

He was given some lovely books and toys which he’s been playing with in the days since. The only brief problem came when he tipped over the car transporter and the cab became detached from the loader. At this point he burst into tears – the first time I’ve ever seen him react like this with a toy – and came to me for a cuddle and a sob. As soon as he realised that both bits still worked separately, he calmed down immediately and started playing again. Hmm, is this a new phase?

By late afternoon he was, unusually, ready for another nap. He slept until after 7pm which has never happened before. I’m putting that down to all the excitement.

He was so happy and lovely when he woke up that we decided to have a play before his late dinner (veg in cheese sauce), birthday cake and obligatory chorus of happy birthday to you. He loved it all but surprised me with the cake. He didn’t want any. I’d assumed he’d be really keen as I’d never given him cake before, but no. Not until he’d eaten a giant strawberry would he contemplate trying some ☺

After tea he played with his new toys for a while before a very late story, bath and bed – gone 10pm.

He had a lovely day, if his smiles are anything to go by, and so did we. It’s been an amazing year, and part of me still can’t quite believe he’s here, but I’m so happy he is.

I love you, Reindeer!


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