Week 52 – a bigger bath 

After 8-months, Reindeer has finally outgrown his maxi tub and been transferred to the full-size bath.

I’ve been putting this off because (1) I don’t like the idea if using so much water, and (2) he’s constantly moving about and I’m worried he’ll fall. But, since he fills up the maxi tub, it’s time.

Surprisingly, this little transition has gone well. He’s not fallen over and hasn’t seemed fazed by anything. In fact, he’s fascinated by all the bits he couldn’t reach before. He’s good at listening when I ask him not to touch the taps because they’re hot, but less good at listening when it comes to not chewing everything he can get his hands on.

My favourite moment was when he discovered the plug and chain. He spent ages pulling on the chain and then laughing really hard. I have no idea why, but the whole idea of a plug on a chain just made him immensely happy! I guess this is one of the good things about being a little person; it’s easier to find enjoyment in the mundane.


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