Week 52 – one year already!

This is it, we’re here. 

This is the week we celebrate Reindeer’s first year.
Despite the fact that time has remained constant, this year has gone incredibly fast, especially considering how slowly time appeared to drag during pregnancy.

The time last year I was facing my fourth night in hospital – 72 hours into my induction. Looking back is making me quite emotional. Looking at my son asleep in his cot tonight even more so. I’m still astonished and slightly disbelieving that he’s here with us!

To celebrate we’ve taken a few days away at my parent’s home. Yesterday we visited Bewilderwood with his aunt, uncle and cousins. It was an awesome day although crawling through a tunnel on the Sky Maze with Reindeer in the sling on my front and a rucksack with it supplies on my back was… tricky…

Today we’ve had a family BBQ – all his aunts, uncles and cousins, three grandparents, a great aunt and distant cousin were all present. The rain forced us indoors, but it was still great fun. It was good to see Reindeer eating with us all. He decided to try a sweet chilli Popchip. Safe to say this was a hit!

Tomorrow, Reindeer will be dedicated; a similar ceremony to a Christening. More family will be joining us for the day and I’m actually quite excited about seeing everyone 🙂 I’m also quite nervous because it’s a lot of people!

After everyone goes home it will be time to make Reindeer’s birthday cake. This is a huge challenge because I have very limited baking skills and the design I’ve chosen is way beyond them. Fingers crossed to avoid disaster!


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