Week 50 – brushing teeth

When Reindeer cut his first tooth at six months, we gave him a chewable toothbrush. Dental hygiene is so important we didn’t want to take any chances and leave brushing until he had more teeth.

Somehow, despite our best efforts, at 10-months I noticed some plaque between his front bottom teeth. Cue huge worries and feelings of abject failure on the parenting front.

Around the same time, we began to have daily issues with teeth brushing. Originally, Reindeer had been fine with brushing but all of a sudden it became a battle. For the last few weeks, twice each day, Reindeer has ended up crying in protest at having his teeth cleaned. We’ve tried encouragement, distraction, brushing along with Daddy, music, toys, etc. The list is extensive, but nothing worked consistently and the majority didn’t work at all.

Then, a couple of days ago, my husband tried shining a red light onto the wall and ceiling for Reindeer to watch (not unlike a cat with a torch). Much to my surprise this worked like a charm, so we’ve kept going with it. 

Tonight my husband was working late so I had to manage teeth brushing solo. To my intense relief, Reindeer was actually cooperative and smiled through the whole thing. I don’t know if this was because a couple of days without getting upset had broken the cycle, or if there’s some other reason, but we were both happy and his teeth were brushed – an excellent result! 


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