Week 50 – too hot


That’s about all I have the energy for right now. Meh.

It’s stupidly hot (for the UK at least). 33°c here today. Reindeer’s bedroom is currently 27°c, with the fan on. If that sounds like an oven you’re not far off as it feels like one too.

He’s gone to sleep in his nappy and sleep sack (0.5 tog). I’ve ummed and aahhed about what’s best and settled on the sleep sack as he seemed comfortable. According to my reading, the loose cotton should help him stay cool.

We’ve been very fortunate so far. Whilst he displays his distaste for the weather with rather a lot of grumping, he is distractable and therefore still great fun if you can keep him occupied.

This morning was our baby group. I wasn’t sure if going out was a good idea, but an hour of grumpy Reindeer convinced me that we needed a change of scene! 

Talking to the other parents I soon realised how lucky we’ve been during the heatwave. Reindeer has slept through the last two nights and had epic daytime sleeps through the heat of the day – 1130-1530 on Monday and 1220-1520 today. I’m hoping he sleeps well tonight too. 

I don’t know how long this weather’s likely to last, but I’d welcome a drop of 10°c so we can get back to normal, whatever that is!


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