Week 50 – more books!

Reindeer and I have spent time reading every day since he was about 3-months old. It’s been fun watching him begin to interact with books, first through texture patches and then with lift-the-flaps.

Over the last week, Reindeer seems to have taken his interest in books to a new level. He’s suddenly clicked that his usual bedtime books are kept within reach of the chair where we sit for reading, breastfeeding and teeth brushing. This week we’ve only been able to sit there a handful of times without him struggling to reach the books so he can pick one out.

He’s not really interested in following a story through at the moment, instead he wants to turn the pages and explore moving from the front of the book to the back, stopping occasionally for a particular texture patch or favourite flap.

Whilst I’m not sure how much he takes in from each story, there are phrases and tones that elicit laughter, and certain pages he’ll always return to (‘rat-a-tat, who’s that?’ is popular) so I guess that what he’s taking in is making sense to him if not to me!

I really like that we now have extended reading sessions three or four times each day. He gets very engrossed and it’s nice to just sit together. The only issue I have now is a lack of books. We have lots but he’s been through them all several times already. Ordinarily I’d visit the library, but I’m not sure how the librarians would feel if the books came back with damaged flaps.

Time to hit some second-hand sales!


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