Week 49 – epic sleep

Thanks to a growth spurt, developmental spurt and an ear infection, Reindeer has been waking up to five times a night for the last couple of weeks. As you can imagine, this has been quite exhausting!

Last night he actually slept through, which was unexpected and definitely needed by both of us. It was even more surprising that, after swimming this morning, his nap lasted almost 4 hours. I don’t think he’s napped for that long at any point in his life so far.

Working on my mum’s theory that sleep begets sleep, I began writing this post whilst feeling cautiously optimistic about my chances of some decent rest tonight. Had I not begun writing this post I’d probably be OK. Instead, before the end of paragraph two, Reindeer woke up feeling very sad and it’s taken half an hour of walking and breastfeeding to get him back to sleep.

All of a sudden I’m feeling that I should go to sleep right now if I want to stand any chance of functioning tomorrow…

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