Week 48 – visitors

My parents arrived on Saturday night and stayed until Tuesday night. This is the longest visit they’ve been able to make since their initial visits to support us immediately after Reindeer was born, so it was a real treat.

Their visit was a busy one as they decided to help out with the house and garden, as well as spending time with Reindeer.

It was great to see them together with him, playing with toys, reading stories and making him laugh. I miss seeing my parents as much and it means a lot to have these times together. 

By the end of the visit Reindeer was at ease with them and definitely fixating on his Opa – regularly looking for him as he often came up to make him laugh.

My mum was particularly surprised by the range and quantity of food which Reindeer will try. He impressed her by eating broccoli with enthusiasm. His style was something of a T-Rex uprooting a tree and making a start at the leafy end!

Their visit also highlighted that Reindeer is having another growth spurt. His head looks slightly larger than normal in proportion to the rest of his body. This is easier to spot when viewed through the eyes of people who don’t see him day-in day-out.

He turned 11-months during their visit, which is plain frightening; how has time move so quickly? We really need to get on with some sort of birthday planning…


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