Week 47 – climbing

The order in which children achieve their various milestones isn’t something I’ve paid much attention to. All the professionals say that each child is different, so I’ve avoided the milestone lists to prevent myself putting undue pressure on Reindeer to do things in a particular order when he isn’t ready for that.

It occurred to me this afternoon that checking the lists might not be such a bad idea. The reason for this checking? Turning around this afternoon to find Reindeer standing on top of his toy garage.

He’d somehow managed to support himself on another toy and pull his feet up so he was standing on the garage. I was both impressed at this new skill and terrified that the house might not be ready for a climbing child. It was this left me mortified I hadn’t checked the list because, if I had, I’d’ve been waiting for this.

Not one to let the grass grow, Reindeer immediately attempted to practice this fledgling skill by climbing the stairs. I decided to let him try (he won’t learn otherwise) but followed immediately behind him for safety. I, thankfully, wasn’t needed. He also made it to the top with very few distractions, which was a surprise.

I’m not sure what to expect next, or even when, but I will definitely be growing eyes in the back of my head!


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