Week 46 – swimming again

Another trip to the swimming baths and another first! This week Reindeer was all about the side of the pool.

He was happy enough going through the water to ‘the grand old Duke of York’, but he loved splashing at the sides. We practiced getting in from the side again, which was OK except for one mistimed lunge, resulting in a face in the water.

But his favourite thing was holding onto the side and trying to climb out. I was surprised by how strong his grip was and so gradually released my own. And he was great at staying there, keeping his head up and looking around. He had no trouble bracing with his feet, either.

His second favourite activity was the shower afterwards. He kept leaning forward so I’d press the button again, and voluntarily put his hands, arms and then head under the flow. I think we’ll need to start him using the shower at home soon, rather than just the bath!

I have no idea what he’ll want to try at the pool next week, but the instructor suggested I bring one of his favourite bath toys to raise his confidence in lying back in the water as he doesn’t really like this. So we’ll see. Watch this space!


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