Week 46 – Father’s Day

Yesterday was my husband’s first Father’s Day.

It started out well with a happy Reindeer and Daddy. Reindeer had chosen Adventure Time Season 3 as a gift in the hope they can watch it together at some point. When I was pregnant, Reindeer would be very active while Adventure Time was on so he’s pretty sure they’ll have fun with this!

Whilst my husband was busy with band in the morning, Reindeer and I popped out to Lyddington Bede House. I’ve wanted to go for a while as it has some lovely mediaeval oak carvings. I’m not sure Reindeer liked the carvings very much but he was enchanted by the windows so we both found something to enjoy.

In the afternoon we took a trip to Birmingham so my husband could complete some work before we went out for a Father’s Day meal at the Shere Khan restaurant. This is one of our favourite restaurants and the first time we’ve eaten there since Reindeer’s arrival. The waiting staff were fantastic, Reindeer definitely made a friend in our waiter who was generally great and very helpful. What made the visit even more special was that Reindeer could eat with us. He sat at the table with us happily eating rice, roti, yogurt dip and anything else he could get! As our dishes were very spicy we decided not to give him those this time, in case it put him off as he hasn’t had very spicy food yet.

The downside to the day was that my husband became ill on the way home – probably due to exhaustion – and Reindeer became over tired and cried for the last 15 miles.

Despite the ending I thought it was a nice day. I was reminded that last Father’s Day I couldn’t bring myself to think ‘this time next year’ because there are no guarantees with pregnancy. Now, our son is almost a year old and I feel so blessed that he’s here with us. I don’t think my husband has found fatherhood easy to get into – his family had no babies until Reindeer and his cousin arrived six months apart so he had no experience or idea what to expect – but I can see he loves Reindeer very much and can make Reindeer laugh more easily than anyone. I can’t imagine this journey without him and love watching the two of them together.

So Happy Father’s Day to my husband and all the Dad’s out there – especially the first timers, you’re on a magical journey!


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