Week 45 – stupid o’clock

Another night, another 4am wake up. We’ve recently been going through the 10-month developmental leap, which has largely involved a lot of broken night’s sleep.

Waking up on Wednesday morning, realising we’d had an unbroken sleep overnight, I got a bit hopeful that we were getting through it. When the same occurred on Thursday morning I became downright confident.

That’s probably what’s made being up for the last hour and a half so much more tiring – the belief when I went to bed last night that I’d still be asleep right now.

I’ve spent almost an hour cuddling and soothing Reindeer who, in fairness, hasn’t been fussy, merely awake. For the last half hour I’ve been trying something new; I’ve left his music on low and gone back to our room. He isn’t asleep yet, but I can see on the monitor that he’s settled down and is listening. Hopefully he’ll get himself back to sleep soon.

Whenever he shows signs that he wants to get himself to sleep I’m encouraging that. Not because I don’t love sleepy cuddles, but because my back is really struggling and given how fast Reindeer continues to grow, it’s only going to get worse.

Hopefully we’ll both be able to nap during the day (I should know better than to even think this so I must be more of an optimist then I thought) and have a better night tonight.


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