Week 45 – not enough sleep

For the last few nights Reindeer has been waking at around midnight and staying awake for a couple of hours. The rest of the night may or may not also be disturbed a few times.

Initially I put this down to the heat, but no amount of fanning, window opening, stripping down or 0.5 tog grow bags have made any difference. He isn’t poorly, although he still has a slight chesty cough, and isn’t teething (tooth eight arrived just before this began).

Around two this morning my husband suggested we might be in the midst of another developmental spurt.

At this point I’ll confess that his suggestion was met with something less than enthusiasm from me as all I wanted was to be in the midst of my own pillows and duvet, dreaming of nothing whatsoever and definitely not losing both my voice and sensations in my hands as I tried to sing and walk our two-stone lovely to sleep.

Thinking about it now, with the benefit of four hours sleep, he’s probably right. Reindeer’s behaviour, reactions and skills have been changing daily. My guess is that something along the movement or language lines will be happening soon. Whilst I’m dreading the continued sleep deprivation (for all our sakes) I’m also quite excited to see what’s waiting at the end of it.


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