Random Rambling – return to work

Things still aren’t sorted on the work front. What began as negotiations around reduced hours has moved on to me contemplating a three-year career break. This is an almost incomprehensible decision as, before I began maternity leave, I was in no doubt that I’d return to work full time!

This won’t be easy for us financially – my earnings are higher – but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m going to miss so much if I return to work. As an August baby I’ll automatically miss a lot of time with Reindeer as he’ll begin school having just turned four-years-old (just the thought of this makes me anxious), so I feel that it’s now or never.

I’ve canvassed opinions from family, friends and strangers, all of whom have been very helpful and none of whom have said what I’d expected them to.

The consensus seems to be that I should return to work whilst trying for another baby, then take the break after that maternity leave. Financially I can see why people suggest this. Of course, it assumes we’re trying for another baby, something we have chosen not to do. Maybe not forever, but certainly not for now. Also, fertility isn’t a given; we could try for years and not have another.

So I guess it comes down to this: do I hang on and take the financially sensible route or do I miss out on time with the child I have in the hope of a child which may never exist? I’m pretty sure I know where my heart is here.


3 thoughts on “Random Rambling – return to work

  1. I think you already know the answer – my kids have just turned 5 and 8 and I’m already starting to wonder where all those years have gone! They are priceless times that you can’t get back, so please make the most of it in the best way your circumstances allow.


    1. You’re correct – I do very much want to stay at home with Reindeer! To this end I’ve requested a career break from my employer. The saga around this is probably going to end up in a post once my blood pressure drops back to the safe zone and I’m able to produce a coherent sentence on the topic.
      Were you able to take any time when your kids were younger?


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