Week 44 – ice cream

On Tuesday it was really hot here, so I decided to have an ice cream.

I selected my not-quite-a-cornetto from the freezer and took it into the lounge to eat. My first mistake was forgetting that we’ve been trying the baby-led weaning method with Reindeer.

This particular baby led himself straight to cornetto and attempted to climb me to get to it. Impressive, given that he can only stand unaided for a few seconds and isn’t walking solo yet.

In recognition of his efforts I decided to let him try the chocolate ice cream. His first reaction was to try and stick his hands in it. He quickly realised this wasn’t for him. He then put his ice creamy hands on my arms to get his balance while he licked the ice cream.

It transpires he quite likes ice cream – he had quite a bit more of it before biting into the cone too. From now on I’ll have to eat them in secret if I don’t want to be robbed!

As a thank you for letting him try the ice cream, Reindeer finished by wiping his overly-cute, chocolate-coated mush all over my trousers. You just can’t win with kids…


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