Week 44 – brushing teeth

Reindeer hates having his teeth brushed, I think because he likes to be independent and do things for himself.

He has his own toothbrush that he uses, but I use a finger brush too to ensure it is done properly. For a few days now Reindeer has begun crying during teeth brushing. Partly, I assume, because of teething tenderness. Whilst this isn’t great, it does mean I can have quick and easy access to his teeth and therefore get the whole thing over with quite quickly.

Unfortunately, Reindeer has spotted my technique and yesterday clamped his mouth shut as soon as I picked up the brush. He looked so determined, stubborn and downright cute that I just had to laugh. It was so funny to see him start behaviours which I associate with older children rather than babies!

I’m going to take him to the dentist soon for a check up, but also to get advice on how to make brushing less stressful for both of us. He’s OK with his own brush but you can’t expect a 10-monther to be thorough. Hopefully he’s developing a good habit though.


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