Week 44 – toy vehicles

My parents keep a stash of toys at their home for the grandchildren when they visit. On our trip there last week, Reindeer was able to play with a large wooden fire truck that his Opa had ready for him.

And he loved it!

He was fascinated by the wheels and spent ages pushing it around with his Opa.

I was a bit surprised because he has quite a few toy vehicles at home but hadn’t been that interested when we’d played with them before. Since returning home though he’s been playing with them a lot, in particular a red bus which he’ll move all over the place. Including taking it under the dining table and then staying there until I fish him out!

Like many developmental steps, I suspect this sudden interest in wheeled toys is a case of the right stimulus at the right time. Opa’s fire truck is somewhat larger than Reindeer’s other vehicles so perhaps it was easier for him to see what it did and practice manipulating it. Perhaps it was a case of copying Opa, who is great with kids. Either way, he’s still using his new skill now we’re home and thoroughly enjoying himself while he plays!


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