Week 43 – Bewilderwood


When my eldest nephew was two or three, he became engrossed by the Bewilderwood stories. Any time we saw him he would ask to read these books. From a grown up viewpoint they were reasonably entertaining and it was good to see a child enjoy reading.

To go with the books there is a Bewilderwood adventure park in the Norfolk Broads, about half an hour or so from my parents home. My sister and her family have been on several occasions as the boys love it. Before having Reindeer I didn’t think it would hold much interest so hadn’t joined them on a visit.

On Wednesday, however, we were suddenly at a loose end and so I finally agreed to go with them. Much to my surprise it was great fun! Even on a cold, grey day it was lovely – the setting was great and there was loads to do. Reindeer tried his first rope bridge, sand pit, zip wire, maze, boat ride, picnic and vegetarian hot dog. Thanks to his separation anxiety he was quite sad on the zip wire and swings, but I’m hopeful he’ll enjoy them more next time.

I was quite impressed at the number of parents who were really into all the activities; I’m convinced some of them only brought the kids along so they’d have an excuse to do the fun stuff.

What surprised me was how believable the children found it. On our boat out of the park, there were a total of seven children aged between 10-months and about 8-years. As we passed the place where the Hazel Witch lives, at least three of those children became quite nervous and cuddled in closer to their parents. It was amusing but also pretty cool, because imagination and belief are so important when you’re growing up and it was great to see how immersed they’d become in the whole experience. My nephews certainly love their visits!

So Reindeer and I are now all Boggled and Twiggled out but I’m already keen to go again, this time with my husband in tow!


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