Week 43 – bedtime story

My eldest nephew loves reading. At 6-years-old he has a reading age way beyond his years and a library to match. His most recent reads have included Macbeth and Johnny and the bomb.

Whilst Reindeer and I were visiting my parents, my sister and her family joined us too. It was great to spend a few days together and Reindeer was certainly given a lot to think about as he spent time with his two biggest cousins!

One evening, my eldest nephew asked if he could read Reindeer his bedtime story. Naturally I said yes as I thought this would be a great thing for them to do together. And, happily, it was. My nephew took his time and made a huge effort to ensure Reindeer was keeping up, as well as having time to lift the flaps in search of the animals. They both seemed to enjoy themselves and I’ve already been asked if they can do this again next time we’re all together.

I’m so pleased that Reindeer has such a good role model in his cousin and hope that they’ll stay close as they grow older.

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