Week 43 – attachment

The time has come for me to accept that Reindeer struggles to be apart from me.

For a while now it’s been obvious that he’ll calm down from a bad dream or other upset far more quickly with me than with his Dad. Not overly surprising when you consider that I’ve been with him all the time since birth, but not ideal for Reindeer or my husband.

Recently I’ve noticed that if I hand him to anyone but my husband then leave the room he cries inconsolably and finds it very difficult to calm down and get settled. This isn’t good for either him or me – especially as I need to return to work in three months time and don’t want him to be upset by my absence.

I don’t know how to start dealing with this as we don’t live near anyone who could take him for us and help him to feel OK away from us. This is really stressful for me and I just haven’t got any answers.


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