Week 43 – travel cot

I am writing this post on my tablet with the screen brightness turned right down and whilst hiding under a duvet trying to make NO NOISE.

Why? Not because parenting has left me wanting to build dens and set near impossible challenges for myself in my spare time (Ha! Spare time! See what I did there?) but because I’d very much like Reindeer to get a good night’s sleep.

Ordinarily, a good night’s sleep isn’t this hard to come by. A breastfeed, some singing, maybe a little rocking and jobs a goodun. Tonight though Reindeer and I are visiting my parents. This is a good thing. As with previous visits we’ve brought the travel cot with us. Unlike previous visits Reindeer hates it and won’t settle.

It took 90 minutes and a ridiculous number of attempts to get him to sleep in it earlier. My back is still protesting about the depth we were required to lower our almost-two-stone baby.

Since we’re sharing a room, I came to bed very quietly and carefully about an hour ago. I’m using the world’s squeakiest bed, so that wasn’t as quietly as I’d hoped. Naturally, he woke up as soon as I was settled and falling asleep.

Once again, trying to get him in the travel cot was more trouble than it was worth. So, in frustration and near-total darkness, I’ve created a floor-bed for Reindeer. The mattress from the cot, my pillows and a towel have created a safe space which I devoutly hope will result in a good night’s sleep all round. I suspect it will also rely on me laying perfectly still all night, not snoring and definitely not forgetting where he’s now sleeping. Should be a doddle…


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